Pope John Paul 2: The Christian Meaning Of Suffering

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3.1 The Christian meaning of suffering Christianity does not explain what suffering is, but rather giving the concrete example of Jesus Christ, who gave the transformative meaning of human suffering which is salvific and redemptive meaning. This transformative meaning is born out of love. In order to understand the question of “why” with regard to suffering, we must look at the love of God through His revelation. Through the suffering of Christ, human beings discover the true meaning of their sufferings as well as for their life. Pope John Paul II says “the joy comes from the discovery of the meaning of suffering.” So this joy flows from the Cross of Christ. For atheists and non-believers, suffering leads to deny the existence of God, but for Christians, the same reality of suffering helps to experience the power and nearness of God’s presence. It makes one to accept suffering as a great gift of discipline and can lead towards the greater good. This all comes from the redemptive meaning for sufferings which is given by the love of God through Christ. Hence, sufferings are not pointless or meaningless, but having complete meaning, they are the instruments of God through which man can enter and participate in the glory of God. 3.1.1 Suffering of Christ as the fulfilment of Old Testament The cause of the suffering of Christ is the sins of…show more content…
The Paschal Mystery includes the sufferings, passion, death, and resurrection of Christ. According to Pope John Paul II, through this Pascal Mystery which Jesus entered into His earthly life, God’s salvific work has been accomplished. This Paschal Mystery conquers sin and suffering. Though this salvific and redemptive work, God manifested His love for mankind. God wanted to save everyone from all kinds of evil by giving His Only Begotten Son. Pope John Paul II in his words expresses

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