Dalai Lama The Ethic Of Compassion

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The Ethic of Compassion Dalai Lama in his article, The Ethic of compassion discussed the issue of compassion (nying je). He expressed that compassion should be universal in scope and unconditional. When an individual achieves levels of great compassion (nying je chenmo), they can extend their compassion to others where the any suffering of another person moves the individual to take responsibility and stop the suffering. The lack of compassion humans have for each other is prevalent in our society. Without love and compassion, we cannot achieve peace, and live a life without violence. To achieve the greater compassion, people in our society, need to stop being selfish and take matters in their own hands to help the people oppressed and in need.…show more content…
People need to learn and teach qualities of forgiveness, tolerance and patience and apply them to every aspect of their life creating visible changes in person. To achieve Dalai Lama’s brand of compassion, people need to better themselves and teach to have compassion for others, this would help to bring the necessary changes to our world. Although, having compassion is basic human quality, it would be unfair to demand everyone to leave their basic human needs behind and become compassionate towards others. In a world where everyone is busy with their lives, careers and material possession, it is difficult to expect great compassion for others. Living a life only for self-interest and having no compassion can lead to selfish acts that hurt people around us. If we strive for great compassion, we can save our society from moral dilemma of selfish interests. I personally believe that I am a compassionate person, but even in the worst case, I will always keep my self-interest ahead of others in need. Taking care of others gives great level of satisfaction to any person, but when there are other important things to care about, it is tough to care about others. Yes, I would certainly be willing to help out others, but that would

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