Snow Flower

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Chinese culture is a very rich colourful blend of art, sculpture, meditation, religion, food and language. Snow flower and the secret fan is an excellent depiction of Chinese culture during 19th centaury and the hardship a woman has to face during that time period. I see Chinese culture is an amalgamated of religion and literation, as religious texts, writings and symbols plays an important role in Chinese culture. Furthermore, throughout the book the use of secret language of women writing called Nu Shu plays a critical role in establishing the deep emotional bounding between the two most important character of the book, Lilly and snow flower. Snow flower and the secret fan is a beautiful but a sad story of Lilly’s life journey from her childhood days to her old age. Moreover, the story is about the intimate relationship that Lilly and Snow flower shares throughout their lives being in a laotong “old same” relationship contract. The book is very well organized in a way that shows the progression of the Lilly’s life step by step. Lisa see depiction of 19th centaury China suggest that women are seen as a second class worthless citizen and to be a women at time era is a changeling thing which requires a lot of hard work and suffering, as feeding a family at that time was a…show more content…
The suffering of Lilly when she was not allowed to go outside and her foot biding which made her limited to stay at the upstairs women chamber and practice embroidery for the rest of her life. The suffering and death of Lily’s little sister during the process of foot biding and the most important the depiction of human suffering and massive massacre during the horror of Taiping rebellion and the death of sow flower son are all relates back to the teaching of
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