Persuasive Essay: The Many Causes Of Euthanasia

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“The most merciful thing that a large family does to one of its infant members is to kill it” , quoted by Margaret Sanger has shown that some of the people in this world have already accepted euthanasia. The practice of intentionally taking a person's life away known as euthanasia, why does it exist in this world in the first place and why does people choose euthanasia in the first place ? Shouldn't the person suffering persist to find a cure to their disease other than choosing euthanasia because one should always believe that if there is a will , there is a way? In other words, there are various causes that force a person to choose euthanasia instead of persisting with their treatment and although they may live peacefully in their afterlife but they have not realized that they…show more content…
Most of the countries such as Netherland legalized euthanasia by imposing a strict condition which is the patient must be suffering unbearable pain or incurable disease. The patients choose to end their life because they do not want to suffer the pain anymore. This applies on most of the elderly when they suffer from diseases so they choose to end their life. However, this issue has become the subject of debate among most countries. On the other hand, some of the parties claim that pain should not be the reason to give up their lives, but to kill the pain and not the patient. However, most of the doctors nowadays practise euthanasia by giving in high dose of pain control which is morphine to suppress their breathing, and death may be one of the side effects. There is one case happen in US on 1990, Terri Schiavo entered a persistent vegetative state (PVS) for undetermined reasons, possibly related to her long-term, untreated bulimia. In this PVS she remained the last fifteen years of her life. Both Schiavo's doctors and her court-appointed doctors expressed the opinion that there existed no hope of

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