Fyodor Dostoevsky's The Brothers Karamazov

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The problem of evil has been used by atheists to undermine religion for decades. The idea that a just god could not possibly exist within a world that is plagued with so much pain and suffering constantly haunts skeptical believers. In the Brothers Karamazov Russian author, Fyodor Dostoevsky, conveys this paradox of a benevolent god with an unjust world by first doubting god’s existence, then following up with what he feels to be an adequate response.Through this excerpt of The Brothers Karamazov, Dostoevsky explains the necessity of evil in the world, as well as our responsibility as humans in fighting the wrong that surrounds us. Dostoevsky first presents the brother Ivan as the rebellion. Through the voice of Ivan Dostoevsky provides readers…show more content…
Dostoyevsky expressed this conflict in Ivan Karamazov, "It's not God I don't accept, understand this, I do not accept the world, that He created, this world of God's, and cannot agree with it." Ivan does accept the existence of God, but what he rejects is the world we live in. He accounts all the innocent that suffer, and cannot get passed that to acknowledge the truth within God. He sees there is only one truth: we live in an unjust world filled with an abundance of pain. Ivan’s inability to satisfy his problem with a solution leads him to believe his only option is to kill himself. “I must have justice or I will destroy myself” . In furthering the argument against religion, Ivan proceeds to read the poem “The Grand Inquisitor,” Ivan explains a story about the Grand Inquisitor who puts Jesus Christs in jail after deciding his works do not correlate with the church. The Grand inquisitor talks to christs about giving humans free will which he believes is not good for humanity. Because of our sinful nature most will fall for the temptations of our flesh. He believes Christ should not have given man a choice because most will be damned forever. The Grand Inquisitor believes the church can take away free will.…show more content…
His argument follows that it is not God who is flawed, but the flaw lies within humanity's inability to fully grasps the bigger picture. Christians are forced to trust that the suffering of the innocent child is simply beyond human understanding. The problem of evil is a mystery because Christianity is built on a foundation of faith. God could be potentially be saving the world from future evil deeds. That child who seems so innocence could grow up and create suffering and harm to world on a larger scale. We will never hold the capability to understand such a divine mind as a result of our limited human perspective. Due the intellectual limitations in reason things of God can not be understood through logic. Zossima takes a completely different direction to the problem of evil where in his belief suffering can be removed from human life. “It’s the great mystery of human life,” Zosima explains, “that old grief passes gradually into quiet tender joy”. Through the evaluation of our own role in human suffering, we can band together to attempt to create a better life for everyone. Dostoevsky counters Ivan’s argument with the story of Job in the bible. Job a man devoted to his creator, was blessed in every way possible. Satan challenges God by trying to turn Job away from his faith. Satan undermines every aspect of Job’s life; he takes away his cattle, his family, his health, and his

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