The Argument Against Evil: The Problem Of Evil

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The argument against ‘Evil’ presents the concept of evil that may consider something that can leads towards obstruction and misguidance. So when we speak about ‘Evil”, we generally mean the state of suffering of human beings who are innocent in nature. There are basically two kinds of Evil which are as follows. The Natural Evil It refers the state of affairs that involves the suffering of human beings but without causing any direct consequence of human deeds. The Human Evil It refers the state where the suffering creates by humans activities and they suffer independently so basically the problem of evil starts when we concern these two kinds of evil. The Problem of Evil In our world the presence of evil and suffering appears to pose a major threat to belief in the in presence of a God perfectly. If God considered as all knowing then God would know about all the terrible things which may likely to be occur in our biosphere. If God seems to be as a powerful being then He…show more content…
Mostly people avoid the argument to having the knowledge about evil. They think that people seeks towards living a good lives without accepting religious and superstitious beliefs, moreover we should try to understand that what makes the people to do evil deeds and causing harm to others. The Religious Point of view on Evil and Suffering According to the religious perspective on suffering, the most concerned with understanding of suffering from different religions how it can be resolved. Different religions have different perspectives some says that there is god and some says that there is no god, humans have right to choose between good or bad path. The Christian response to evil and suffering The main response to evil and suffering is done by • Offering Prayer’s ( which means asking help from God for those who are
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