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Why adopt HR Policies? Organization should have HR Policies as they ensure the following benefits. 1. The work involved in formulating HR Polices requires that the management give deep thought to the basic needs of both organization and the employees. 2. Established Policies ensure consistent treatment of all personnel throughout the organization, favourism and discrimination are, thereby minimized. 3. Continuity of action is assured even though top-management personnel change. 4. Policies serve as a standard of performance. 5. Sound Policies help build employee motivation and loyalty. 6. Sound Policies help resolve intra personal, inter personal and inter group conflicts. Coverage of the Policies HR Policies are formulated in such areas which…show more content…
Good HR Policies are essential for all services sectors including Banking Sector. 2. Banking is ‘People Business’ 3. Those who do not meet the customer expectations will find problems of survival in a high level competition. HR Policies in India Public Sector Banks The study of the policies in public sector banks has been made mainly with the help of secondary data. There are 26 commercial banks operating in Public Sector in India. SBI after merging Associate Banks, 19 Nationalized Banks and IDBI Bank appear under the Public Sector.Selection and Recruitment, Promotion, Compensation and Training and Development are main areas of concern regarding has policies and practices. Recruitment & Selection In India nationalized banks recruit their generalized officers and clerks through IBPs conducts are common test every year for recruitment of officers. A separate test is held for the clerical cadre also. The IBPs conducts interviews and finally selected candidates are allotted to the banks. Direct recruitment for specialized cadres. Promotion Promotion to all grades of officers in the public sector banks are made in accordance with the policy laid down by their respective boards from time to time, having regard to the guidelines of the Government in India if…show more content…
SBI is looking forward to an HR upheaval. This could change the way company hines, promotes and transfers its employees. The senior management now wants an updated HR Policy which would allow them to line professionals at mid level such as economic research, analytics, credit and risk management HR and IT. The transfer policy a new performance – driven evaluation system and incentivize top performers with cash rewards and also offer employee stock options and promotion. The SC/ST candidates are entitled to the benefit of reservation and relaxation, if any, in accordance, with the guidelines received, as the subject from time to time from ministry of finance, department of Financial Services, New Delhi. c) Compensation Pay scales in Public Sector banks are fixed through Bipartite Settlements. Pay scales are revised for every 4 years. The major elements in Public Sector Employee compensation are 1.PayScale 2.DearnessAllowance 3.House Rent Allowanc 4) Provident Fund 5) Pension 6) Medical Aid 7) Fixed Personnel pay 8 Hospitalization Expenses 9. Recovery of House and Furniture Rent 10.Professional Qualification Pay. 11. City Compensatory Allowance 12.Other

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