Stressors In Workers Work

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From our research, there’s a few factors that lead to workers who turn into the stressors in their workplace. One of the sources is from organizational section which is situational stress. This stress appears from certain conditions that occur in the workplace or the worker’s individual life. The situational stressors often influenced by the high demand of themselves either in physical or psychological in completing their work tasks. This type of stressors usually stress up themselves by their own or the organization’s from highly desires for their skillful performances. In other hand, there is also work task stressors which caused by work overload or underutilization. The work overload stressors have become the majority (46%) of the stressors…show more content…
Workers who are having job ambiguity are stressful because they don’t understand clearly about their jobs and work tasks. Workers who are lack of control over aspects of their jobs can also become the stressors because they do not have the rights to decide anything in the organization. These people will feel like being left-out if their ideas or suggestions have been rejected or denied for several times. Subsequently they will be stuffed with negative thoughts and emotions because of excessive stressfulness. One of the source of work role stressors are physical work conditions in the particular work environment like those jobs which must be done under deafening noise, high temperature, limited lightning or ventilation. These specific conditions may have brought out stressors which had work under the same environment for a long time. There is also interpersonal stress that will be occurred in the workplace due to the poor relationships with customers, colleagues, managers or boss. Generally, every job requires communications with people. Therefore, an unsupportive relationship with people in work can be a prospective source of stress. When a worker feel isolated, lack of support from others, lack of understanding, being biased treated by manager, the worker will definitely feel depressed and emotional. A more critical problem is the harassments or bullying of workers whether they are verbal or physical insulting about sex, race, or religion. They are not even disrespectful, but also can be considered as a criminal for illegally discriminate others. Harassments give the workers a strain environment and can seriously affect the employee’s morale. The victims will start to turnover or absent due to the tension workplace. An unpredictable organizational change can affect worker’s emotions negatively. When a worker has not been informed clearly about the changes in an organization regarding their work scopes, positions or

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