Montesssori And Colin Powell Analysis

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Dr. Maria Montessori and Colin Powell are both passionate authors of texts on how they believe children should be educated. In Maria Montessori’s Dr. Montessori’s Own Handbook, she writes on her belief of how a teacher should be like a “guide” in a student’s life and how a child should be left free to develop their own personality. In contrast, Powell’s Kids Need Structure, he explains his beliefs that a teacher should educate in the manner of that of a “drill sergeant” and that children need a great deal of structure and a firm hand. However, they both want the best for the children even if they approach this goal with different methods. Montessori and Powell have differing views on teacher’s role and structure, but are similar in the fact…show more content…
Powell thinks children should be taught to “obey” while Montessori thinks children should be “respected”. Powell begins by saying that structure should be implemented “so they can obey instructions and know the consequences of not obeying.” Powell thinks that children should mindlessly obey adults because this is the “structure” they must be taught. He explains that children must “obey” and know the consequence if they don’t. Powell believes that this is how children should show respect to others, even though they are not being respected in return. Next, he says children should respect adults by stating ‘’it’s yes, sir; no, sir; no excuse, sir. “ Powell wants and believes that children should show the uttermost respect to adults. By saying that the only answers are “yes,” “no,” and “no excuse”, he is forcing all of the children to be the same in this type of “respect.” Montessori contradicts Powell’s statements by talking about how children should be respected. Montessori begins describing her view by stating “children are human beings to whom respect is due, superior to us by their innocence and greater possibilities of their future.” Montessori says that children should be respected just as adults are. Adults should not act as if they are superior to children because, in reality, they are superior to us by their innocence and possibilities.…show more content…
Montessori shares her passion and desire for her hope of adult guidance in a child’s life as she states:“Our Intervention in this Marvelous process is indirect;we are here to offer to this life,which came the world by itself, the means necessary for development”. Montessori wants the adults to be more willing to wait for the child and his development to evolve overtime as they learn. The adults need to be respectful and patient with the children. Montessori wants to greatly impact every child’s life, for the good, in hopes that they will achieve great things in their futures. She uses the tactic of gentle guidance to help the children develop into the best version of themselves. Furthermore, readers can comprehend that Montessori wants what’s best for kids because she elaborates that we should “be always ready to share in both the joys and the difficulties which the child experiences”. Montessori explains that adults should be always ready to share in a child’s experiences. This implies that adults need to be patient with children but always be ready to help them when needed and rejoice with them when they succeed. She also explains that teachers should always be ready. This displays that a teacher should always be there to help each child and that a child should be able to approach her with any need that he has without feeling a resistance to

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