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STRESS Every individual in some way or the other must have experienced or at least seen someone or the other in a stressful situation. The word ‘stress’ is not something new to us. Stress can be harmful in different ways and means but it also has its effects on performance of an individual. If managed well stress is not something big to deal with. In this paper we are going to see the what stress is all about, its different types, the stressors that drive us towards stress, certain impacts of stress and how well we can manage it. About Stress: Stress can be called as a feeling or a response that our body produces to certain particular situations. It's the body's way of rising to a challenge and preparing to meet a tough situation with focus,…show more content…
Positive stress is nothing but a positive reaction to a certain situation. Termed as “Ustress” this certain type of stress Positive stress: A positive reaction towards an event. It is termed as “Ustress” it gives a spurring motivation and awareness, providing the stimulation to cope with challenging situations. It also provides the sense of urgency and alertness needed for survival when confronting threatening situations. Examples for Ustress can be Pregnancy, getting married or a new job. To cope up with these positive stressors we either use a positive reappraisal that is to see anything good in any situation happening or happened. Ample number of researches are done on negative stressors but a very few on positive stressors as this is found to be a new area of research (Moskowits). On the other hand we have negative stressors. Negative stressors are those which bring out a negative reaction to a stress. These are very common but also very harmful. It is a contributory factor in minor conditions such as headaches, digestive problems, skin complaints, insomnia and ulcers. Excessive prolonged and unrelieved stress can have a harmful effect on mental, physical and spiritual…show more content…
and assisted by Saki Santorelli, Ph.D. and colleagues on a technique called Mindfulness–Based Stress Reduction (MBSR). MBSR classes are usually taught by physicians, nurses, social workers, and psychologists, who are seeking to reclaim and deepen some of the unique reciprocity inherent in the doctor, caregiver, and patient-client relationship. Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) is a form of MBSR that provides information about depression and cognitive therapy based exercises that link thinking and its resulting impact on feelings. (Liza Varvogli, 2011). It was an 8 group study that was done to alleviate mental and physical suffering related to psychosomatic and psychiatric disorders. Here greater attention was given to here and now awareness which will further reduce negative effects, provide clearer perception and improve energy and coping. The results show that this method has helped cancer patients in psychosocial adjustments and health benefits. It also controls headaches and is also helpful for anxiety and depressive patients. When done on normal patients through a search that included articles written in English published prior to September 2008, and identified ten, mainly low-quality, studies. Cohen’s d effect size between meditators and controls on stress reduction and spirituality enhancement values were calculated. The aim was to see how

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