Electric Car Rental Case Study

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car rental company and independent variables are travelers feedback, speed in check-in and out of the car ,rankings of company. ¢ Value-added path of service-oriented manufacturing based on structural equation model: the case of electric car rental for instance This paper was published by author Rui Miao, Jintao Cao, Kai Zhang, Boxiao Chen, Zhibin Jiang and Liya Wang in the year 2014.Electric car rental is the popular way to promote electric cars, the company has to understand how consumers value renting an electric car, it talks about how customer participation (CP) influences SERVQUAL. It is possible to improve the satisfaction of the customers by improving the service of electric cars. Dependent variables is factors involved in improving…show more content…
Dependent variable is lease rate and independent variables are price, maintenance cost. ¢ Rentals, Sales, and Buybacks: Managing Secondary Distribution Channels This paper was proposed by the authors Devavrat purohit and Richard staelin in the year August 1994 and it differentiates between the automobile dealer and renter , how to increase the profit of renter when compared to dealer. The automobile renters meet the short term needs of customer by renting an automobile and describes about two period model which explains the structure of the distribution channel used in this model. Dependent variable is Distribution system in automobile industry and independent variables are Demand of daily rentals, short term rental offers ¢ Economics of Automobile leasing : The call option…show more content…
This research will useful for future development in car rental business. Dependent variable is logistics management and independent variables are revenue management conception ,cost reduction. ¢ RENTQUAL: A new measurement scale for car rental services This paper was proposed by Erdogan H. Ekiz, Ali Bavik , Huseyin Arasli in the year 2009 and it aims at developing a measurement scale in accordance with the model recommended by Churchill and Parasuraman, Zeithaml, and Berry . The car rental business has given less focus to quality issues, safety is the most important factor in the car rental industry. Dependent variable is service quality perception and independent variables are comfort, delivery, safety, handing over, ergonomics and

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