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Counterproductive work behaviors (CWBs) are intended actions that harm the organization or its members. (A. Cohen, 2016) The presence of these behaviors seems to decrease job performance and increase costs to the company. (Aub et al., 2009) They include in a number of acts which are directed toward organizations or toward people. Destroying property, intentionally not doing proper work, taking unauthorized work breaks, touching a coworker, insulting others, and shouting at somebody are types of CWB. (A. Cohen, 2016) Over the past few years, employees are engaged in such behaviors that harm their organizations or their coworkers. While many efforts taken by organizations to try to remove the CWB, many studies shows the spread of this behavior.…show more content…
Property deviance e.g. theft or sabotage of equipment 3. Political deviance e.g. gossiping or favoritism 4. Personal aggression e.g. sexual harassment or workplace bullying. (Sulea) Predictors of counterproductive behavior There are many different factors that may guide to counterproductive work behaviours. These might be from personal factors or can be from organizational factors. (Instone) Personal factors On the individual level, it has been seen that a person who takes part in one type of counterproductive work, will probably take part in other counterproductive behaviour as well. Certain personal characteristics have been found to influence a worker's probability of participating in counterproductive work behavior. • Personality Traits: The main personal characteristics that have been identifying with counterproductive work practices are emotional instability, openness to experience, appropriateness and conscientiousness. • Self- Control: Self control relates to the thought of future outcomes and has been seen to be the main sign of CWB. People consider the rewards of counterproductive contrasted with the fear of getting captured. If an employee feels that they are not get caught, they are three times likely to engage in theft than when an employee has a fear of getting

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