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“Twitter is an online news and social networking service where users post and interact with messages, known as "tweets.” This is where you can find opinions, news, and so many thoughts turned into tweets.Twitter has become a very well know social media website. I am using a database,interview, and an article to figure out if Twitter helps keep the younger generation up to date with recent news, or does it just make recent scandals bigger because of the tweets. A database is a “a structured set of data held in a computer, especially one that is accessible in various ways.” This is where I got some of my research and also some very strong opinions. One current topic floating around on twitter is how President Donald Trump uses Twitter. Academic…show more content…
Damon has some pretty strong opinions on how twitter makes people seem. He thinks that Twitter is the bad guy, I don’t agree with what he has to say, but this is just another opinion. This is what he had to say,“It turns politicians, political staffers, reporters, editors, pundits, and analysts into petty, vain, childish, show-offy, hostile, vindictive, dogmatic, impulsive, careless versions of their best and most professional selves. This makes Twitter horrible for our politics and equally bad for journalism. The single best thing for both politics and journalism would be for Twitter to go out of business tomorrow.” Twitter is not a site that makes you say something each politician, reporter, and editor had a choice on what to say Twitter just gives them the choice to voice it to millions of followers. This is how Damon says he uses twitter, “Twitter for me is partly a 21st-century teletype machine providing the latest breaking news in real time 24 hours a day; partly an endless, gossipy cocktail party with my peers in the media; and partly an incomparable means of promoting my work and interacting with readers and

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