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Master plan of Thay pagoda, Quoc Oai district: Kinhtedothi – Starting with developing a master plan for Thay pagoda, Quoc Oai district is eager to solve many shortcomings and limitations to preserve the monument while exploiting the potential, improving local tourism. • The landscape is compromised Thay Pagoda is located at the foot of Sai Mountain, Sai Son Commune, Quoc Oai District, which was built in the Ly dynasty. With a long history, the pagoda is a familiar name of the land of Doai. At present, the pagoda holds many precious objects such as the two biggest colossal guardian statues in Vietnam with the height of 4m, weight of 3 tons, made of clay and pice-paper and more than 400 years old or Ngoc Am wooden pillar dating from 11th century, etc. Among…show more content…
Nguyen Vu Han - Head of Culture and Sports Department of Quoc Oai District, cum Deputy Director of Monument Management Board said that it was expected to relocate 47 households living around the lake of Long Tri to the new resettlement site to ensure guarding rings as prescribed for the monument, and no encroaching residents. This is the opportunity and condition for organizing separately the ritual with many special ceremonies of the Tantric doctrine in the center. At the same time organizing the festival and its services outside the monument to ensure the integrity of the sacred and mysterious infrastructure and space of Thay Pagoda. In addition, planning is also the key to solve the problem of traffic tin Thay pagoda as the project to open a new road with a 42m cross section from Thang Long Avenue to Thay pagoda and open a road from the tourism ring road to Long Dau pagoda. At the same time taking the parking lot and service area out of the monument. On that basis, preserving and promoting the value of the natural landscape and ecological environment, preserving the architectural art of the monument, creating momentum for tourist development of Quoc Oai district in particular and the capital in

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