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Annotated Bibliography Monsen, Rita B. 2007. “Kids in Prison” Journal of Pediatric Nursing. 22(6):488-489. Accessed January 30, 2018. The source titled “Kids in Prison” briefly demonstrated the negative impact of incarcerating youth including statistics on traumatic experiences and suicide. The main findings included that 90% of males and 84% of females reported a traumatic experience while in an Illinois detention centre (Monsen 2007). Other main findings revealed that up to 60% of teens in detention centres reported having a conduct disorder and as many as 28% attempted suicide (Monsen 2007). This information included in the article was derived…show more content…
Key findings concluded that the existence of emotional and behavioural issues among incarcerated youth is significantly greater than that amongst the general population (Lambie and Randell 2013). Other findings included that isolation, boredom, bullying, and victimization are major aspects contributing to the stress of inmates (Lambie and Randell 2013). Additionally, the article revealed that long-term effects of incarceration include impacts on the self-esteem and self-worth of an individual (Lambie and Randell 2013). The article provides extensive information regarding several aspects of the impact of incarceration on youth. The findings strongly supported the main point of the article and the author’s provided detailed explanations rather than just simple statistics. The article provided a very complete analysis of the impact of incarceration on youth and did so in a logical and organized manner, making the article easily understood. The use of this article will be extremely beneficial in contributing to the essay because the findings within the article strongly support the thesis by concluding that youth incarceration is harmful to youth. In addition, the article includes information that specifically focuses on mental health, the environment in prisons for youth, and the struggles that youth experience upon release and years into the future – all of which are major sections of the

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