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Sweet potato or Ipomoea batatas originated from the Northwest of South America and is distributed world-wide due of its high yield potential and ubiquitous adaptability. It belongs to the family Convolvulaceae and can be further divided into varieties or cultivars. Recently Benjamin (2007) reported that one of the most important economic crops in the world is sweet potato (Ipomoea batatas L.). After rice, it was widely grown and ranks fifth as a food crop in developing countries along with wheat, maize and cassava (Lin et al., 2007). Currently, based on CIP (2008), there are over 6000 varieties of sweet potatoes world-wide and basically distinguished by storage root’s, skin colour, fresh colour, and some by origin. Sweet potato roots are a…show more content…
The use of organic elements has long been considered as an effective means of improving the structure and fertility of the soil, Haj Seyed Hadi (2011). Several researchers indicated that application of N, P, K and S or organic manure increased yield of vegetables. The treatments at different growth period will significantly affect the plant height, foliage coverage, number of main stem per hill, fresh weigh, dry weight of shoot, number of tuber per hill, percent dry matter of tuber, weight of tubers per hill, tuber yield and dry weight of tuber. The used of vermicompost for the growth of sweet potato leaves are less unknown due to the limited study on the leaves of sweet potato. Furthermore, the used of sweet potato leaves also not commercial in Malaysia because sweet potato leaves basically used for cattle feed. Thus, the present study was conducted with the following objectives: i. To evaluate the optimum growth of sweet potato leaves by using different rates of compost fertilizer. ii. To determine the best variety for sweet potato leaves between the two varieties in the research. iii. To identify the suitable rates of compost fertilizer on sweet potato

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