My ALE Experiences Related To Suicide Prevention

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Suicide Prevention This paper includes my ALE experiences related to Suicide Prevention. In my ALE we were engaged in finding resources that those who are considering, or have attempted, suicide can go to for help. The primary focus of this was to let everyone know that there are resources they can use for help. Suicide Prevention is the act of helping those who have thought about suicide and stop them from committing suicide. In order to effectively prevent suicide, one must ask the person how their day has been, call a hot line to get the person help, and understand how serious this is. Suicide prevention is important because every life matters and it ultimately gives us a better understanding of how serious this topic is. According to…show more content…
I wasn’t able to pronounce my words right and my brain worked too fast for my mouth to speak so I mumbled often. I was able to fix that with speech therapy, but I still have a little trouble with it to this day. I also have social anxiety and often don’t like talking in front of a big crowd or to someone I don’t know. When I take this course in the future I hope it will help me overcome my social anxiety and be able to communicate without mumbling or being shy. These three course in the general education core curriculum have helped me gain knowledge and skills that helped me successfully complete my…show more content…
(Mopac is a really busy highway.) I did not know her personally, but I do know that she was having family problems. I feel that as pressure and family issues is causing more and more young teens to commit suicide than they have in the past. I believe that, with all of the stress and pressure put on them at such a young age, that they don’t know how to deal with it and see no other way out. With what I got out of this experience is that I was able to understand on a deeper level about why people commit suicide. In recent years more and more middle school kids have been committing suicide. The rate for that age group has increased dramatically in the past few years. I believe that if we just talked to the people and made them see that they are not alone, then maybe the suicide rate for young teens will decrease and hopefully one day stop

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