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Lisbeth Crompton Mrs. Carrio Composition TTh 9:00 Essay #1: Definition Essay Aspects of a Good Community. What makes a good community? Clean streets, a minimal amount of poverty, low crime rate, no tensions between different divisions, and good education are all things that make a good community. One way to get the aspects of a good community is by having many people participating in civic engagement. Civic engagement is the involvement of people in a community actively making their community better. It involves caring for other people, knowledge and participation in politics and government, and involvement in different social activities that develop positive relationships in a community. Everyone in any sort of community should be involved…show more content…
Helping people with their physical and emotional needs will also help them mentally overcome disturbing incidents so that they will get along better in their community. Even things that are not life-long tragedies, such as stress or temporary illness, can be helped when people’s physical needs are met by other people. When people’s physical needs are met, it gives them the capability to help other people in need. One example of this is shovelling a neighbor’s driveway on a very busy and stressful day for them when they need to get out. This neighbor might return the favor by sharing home made jam. This benefits everyone. By doing this, one is engaging in a community to make it a better place. One could also do this with his/her family, making it compatible for all ages. A second example and a bigger way to engage in a community is volunteering in a soup kitchen, it’s also a great place where teens can participate in…show more content…
Learning about the government is in is very important because it enables one to make better decisions for the community. The CSSP (Center for the Study of Social Policy) states in their article RESULTS-BASED PUBLIC POLICY STRATEGIES FOR Promoting Youth Civic Engagement, “successful youth engagement strategies require that youth have genuine and meaningful opportunities to work with each other and with policymakers” (3). Youth with these opportunities will be equipped when the time comes when they are old enough to have a say in government or be leaders in government. To be successfully engaged in a community, people, even youth, must collectively be a part of making the rules and laws of their community. One way to participate is to vote for the candidate who potentially will have an good impact on the rules of the community. A small example of participating in this way, is going out and voting for president, senators, and even a local councilman. Educated voting is a very easy way one can participate in government, and if done collectively, is very effective. A second example of civic engagement is attending local government meetings. Learning about what is going on in the community is helpful so one can make better decisions on what laws should be made or who to vote for. By doing this one is increasing one’s own knowledge of the community and acting on it by

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