Michael Vick Sorrow

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Sorrow is not merely the state of being sad, but is instead “a feeling of deep distress caused by loss, disappointment, or suffered by oneself or others” (Oxford Dictionary). Of course, sorrow is absolutely crucial for repentance, as there is no genuine repentance without it. However, at times people will judge other people based on their own expectations, and will not take someone’s repentance as truth. I believe this is the case for Michael Vick, and that besides the popular opinion, there is indeed human being like you and I behind that name. I believe that Michael Vick, through his sorrow has repented from his actions and learned from his actions. In Vick’s situation, not only did he lose plenty of money, but his societal image was also…show more content…
However, this is absolutely not the case. By no means does anyone think of starting or participating in a dogfighting operation when they hear of Vick’s 2 year punishment. Vick’s case doesn’t even plant the thought of abusing pets in more casual manners. No matter what the crime is, when hearing of a punishment regarding going to jail or losing money, people will separate themselves as much as they can from the crime. As a matter of fact, between 2006 and 2010, with 2007 being the year Michael Vick was prosecuted, there have been 1,233 less animal abuse cases (animalsupport.com). This would be the ideal interpretation of Vick’s punishment, but for some reason, people interpret this to mean that other people will begin to immerse themselves in this crime, and then once again aim the blame towards Vick. The only reason Vick’s punishment would be problematic is not because of the message that it sends, but the way it is interpreted and the attention this interpretation receives. It's amazing that even though this man is denouncing animal cruelty, not only will people disown this man, but also his statements. The only problem is that those very people who claim to be such animal activists do not even have the decency to check what they do to stop animal cruelty before they go to criticize a man who is trying to fix his social stature and at the same time lower animal related crimes. As a society and community, we can learn that animal cruelty is not right. Animal cruelty can come in all forms, and is not limited to dogfighting. As a society and community, we can learn that people can change and that what we did growing up does not determine who you are, as illustrated by our own lives. If we were to be what we’ve done, we would all be in jail in the best case scenario. For this very reason, I believe that Michael Vick should be allowed to own another dog.

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