Crossing Professional Boundaries

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A hospital is a very vulnerable environment for a patient and their family, therefore, it is important to identify aspects for improvement in any situation while developing your own personal professional morals as a nurse. This paper will discuss the video Crossing Professional Boundaries as a Registered Nurse and highlight the anomalies in regard to the professional behaviours, attitudes and presentation of the nurse, Nurse Nickie. Quality patient care must be delivered respectfully, responding to the concerns, needs and values of the patient, and it is evident that these qualities are lacking in this video (ACSQHC, 2010). The unprofessional actions exhibited by the nurse will be emphasised and analysed in order to identify potential impacts such as hindering a patient’s recovery time. The Registered Nurse, Nurse Nickie in Crossing Professional Boundaries as a Registered Nurse displays unprofessional behaviours, attitudes and presentation while responding to a patient with suspected appendicitis (Donovan, 2015). Throughout the video, the nurse engages in a number of activities and conversations that are considered unprofessional and as a result does not fulfil the qualities of good patient care (Donovan, 2015). With this, the patient and her family suffered as a result of stress and physical pain…show more content…
This behaviour is evident through the nurse taking phone calls in front of the patient, ignoring the patient’s concerns, giving false reassurance and making the patient feel uncomfortable and worthless through disrespectful comments (Donovan, 2015). Furthermore, the nurse exhibits unprofessional conduct by speaking negatively about the patient, flirting with the patient’s brother, not performing vital sign checks and communicating poorly and giving false information to the doctor (Donovan,

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