Advantages And Disadvantages Of Malay Traditional Medicine

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Malay Traditional Medicines It is originated generally from Arabic Unani, Galenic philosophy and Indonesian practices. Most of the practice take Mujarabat Melayu, Tajul Muluk, Tajus as Salatin, Surat Tib Ubat and other old reference as treatment procedure. The essence of treatments included prayers (doa), massage, abstinence (pantang) and utilization of animal and plants as treatments, prophylaxis and supplemental means. Picture 1: Eurycoma longifolia as known as Tongkat Ali traditionally One of medicinal plants in Malay traditional medicines is Tongkat Ali or Eurycoma longifolia. This plants have got attentions from many scientist due to its therapeutic used in many diseases and disorders. It contains eurycomanone, eurycomanol, eurycomalactone,…show more content…
There is significant reduction in oestrogens level in postmenopausal women. Reduction of this vital hormones somehow involved in pathophysiology of osteoporosis. Oestrogen is pro-osteoblast and inhibits osteoclast. Osteoblast involved in formation of bones while osteoclast breaks bones tissues. This will indirectly reduce bones resorption and increase bone desorption. Besides, oestrogens inhibits proinflammatory cytokines like IL-6 and IL-1 which stimulate osteoclast genesis thus accelerated bone loss. Compounds in Kacip Fatimah; ascorbic acids, flavonoids and phenolic compounds acts as free radical scavengers prevent DNA damaging. These antioxidant protects bones tissues against oxidative stress as ones…show more content…
They suggest that the kidney are in charge of the bones physiologically and pathologically. They believes that kidney promotes the general vital essence as known as ‘qi’. The health of kidney decrease as ages increase. The organ become burdened with toxin and mineral in the bones started to decrease. Bones mineral directly related with bones density. As ones aged, the kidney function gradually decline together with kidney energy ‘qi’. Reduction in kidney qi will reduce the bones mass and density. There is studies in Traditional Medicine Research Institute in western China analyse bones mineral level and density and kidney function. The results surprisingly shows that menopause woman which have less bones density and minerals also having decline in kidney function. Besides that, people with kidney injury have less mineral and low density bones though. Picture 3: Kidneys are in charge of the bones; like what have been suggested by Chinese Traditional

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