The Pros And Cons Of The Constitution

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U.S. is one of the most powerful countries today and is widely known for its beautiful history buildup. The formation U.S. Constitution was a great breakthrough in U.S. history, after the U.S. passed through harsh conditions like war, taxes, and slavery. Hundreds of historians had their own opinions about the constitution, and some of the most important ones includes Howard Zinn and Larry Schweikart. They spoke about the founders of the Constitution and the constitution itself. However their opinions are contradicting to one another regarding the founders and the constitution. It’s tough to say who is right, but maybe looking closer at the different point of views it’ll make it easier to develop an opinion. Zinn’s a historian who wrote the book ‘A People’s History of the United States’, showed a strong position on how the constitution was built for the founder’s representatives and maintenance of prestige, and not for the country itself (Zinn pg 97). Argues that a result, the constitution instilled enough hope and rights in those who were in need, so they can be the ones who support this massive step in history. Were the founders evil elites who manipulated the population into believing the constitution was a safe haven on earth, when in fact…show more content…
However not all of the founders fit the category of being from elite groups. These founders were the ones who gave hope to the people when U.S. was swimming in taxes and fear from the British. Money was needed after war and inflation was too high so the value of paper money did not mean much, maybe that’s why they issued paper money for the sake of the debtors who need to pay their debts. Maybe for the sake of the economy that was already in the ground. He also stated how taxes were being imposed more from the constitution but the government needed money as wars are also
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