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Hauptman, Arthur M. "The Impact of the US Financial Crisis on How Students Pay for College." International Higher Education 54 (2015). Students’ debt is a crisis that will affect most of the sectors of the US economy and might have a global impact too, especially on the higher education, many people also considered it as the worst financial situation in the United States since 1930s (22). Although most believe that the impact of this crisis is drying up of students’ loans, in fact the real problem is that the capability to pay for college will extend (22). Stock market affects the families’ savings for college expenses; another reason for student debts is the universities’ and college prices (22). The United States provide three basic types…show more content…
However, loans are not the best choice for all students (3). People who have low-income should not take loans but they must complete their higher education by going to community college, since it has a lower cost, or working part time (5). This process gets even more complicated with students with special circumstances, financially, while applying to college, or those who do not live with their parents (8). They face issues while filling basic assignments like financial aid (8). Therefore, they should be overwhelmed with motivation and help, which will decrease the numbers of students who miss the deadline (8). Some students’ parents cannot afford the cost of their children’s education and have small amount of financial information to help their children with (12). As a result, high school should provide enough information to lead the students to the right decision…show more content…
They tried to send mugs or T-shirts to make students apply for a card. Which, made college student a large market for credit card companies (1). The colleges’ acceptance for credit card companies to give surveys to students with the company’s logo and institution’s logo increased the market for credit card companies (1). Although, most of the students know how to manage their credit card wisely. There is a minority that has trouble with it (2). The debts chaos causes an overwhelming feeling to students, it might also cause stress and will affect the student’s personality; other students work different jobs to pay their old debts and minimize the stress (2). The reasons for debts are: some students have no other way to pay for their tuition, students who do not have experience in debts think that they can get rid of debts easily

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