Advantages Of Fibre In Concrete

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Nowadays one of the main challenges of construction industry is to improve their image in terms of sustainability. The addition of natural fibres and supplementary cementitious materials will enhance the sustainable construction. Natural fibres are easily available and less in cost. The addition of natural fibres in concrete provides many advantages such as low cost, minimal health hazards, biodegradability, low density, desirable aspect ratio and relatively high tensile and flexural modulus. The inclusion of chopped fibre in concrete can increase many of the engineering properties such as fracture toughness, tensile strength, flexural strength, resistance to fatigue, ductility and improve crack resistance. The fibres provide bridging action…show more content…
The moisture content present in the raw fibre should be eliminated. Heat treatment was provided to coir and jute fibre for eliminating the absorbed moisture. The chopped fibres were placed into the oven at 50˚C for two days. After that these samples were kept in an air tight container so that atmospheric moisture could not be absorbed by these samples. D. Casting of specimens Chopped jute fibres were mixed with sand and one by third of water for 5 minutes. After that coir and basalt fibres were added for another 5 minutes mixing. Finally cement, NSP, aggregates and remaining water were added and mixed homogeneously. Immediately after mixing, the fresh concrete was filled in the mould. All specimens were cast horizontally in three layers. Each layer was compacted using a tamping rod. After casing, all specimens were kept at room temperature for one day. Then it was removed from the mould and kept in water for 28 days. E. Fracture test For the fracture study, three point and four point bending tests were performed on beam specimens of 360 x 80 x 60mm. A notch was provided at the centre of the beam with 18mm depth and 3mm width. The fracture toughness (KIC) was determined using the following

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