Cost Of Student Debt

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In recent years the rise of college student’s attendee’s has skyrocketed. Which has led to more student loans, and that creates higher student debts. Students have had to turn to loans for a number of reasons to pay for tuition, to receive higher education in hope for job security, after graduation. Students face many difficulties when it comes to student loans/ debt. Here are a few we are going to cover in this literature assignment. 1. Hardship and sacrifices made for higher education. 2. Effect on credit if unable to pay back the loan. 3. Not receiving a degree but accumulating the debt. 4. Rise of tuition due to rising number of students. Finally, no job security with the degree received. With all the debt pilling up it is very difficult for students to get out.…show more content…
But what many people don’t know is students facing serve student debt are at higher risk for strokes and anxiety. In an article by Gillian B. White she states “Loans were particularly problematic, causing subjects to report higher levels of stress, depression, and poorer self-reported general health.” While another author Michael Tremoglie reports that “Other experts do not find the study's confirmation of psychological fallout from student debt all that surprising”. So by contrasting the two articles there is no link that student debt causing physical harm to a student. Furthermore there is no denying that student have become overwhelmed with the debt they have accumulated, so that does lead to stress but as far as physical damaged such as stoke but has led to anxiety do to stress over if the student will be able to pay off the debt once he/she

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