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The documentary “Unnatural Causes” explains the relationship between social class and health, which is, the higher an individual’s social class, the healthier that individual will be. Firstly, Sir Michael Marmot, epidemiologist in University College London has determined the hypothesis by looking at people’s grade in hierarchy, their employment grade. He found that the lower the grade of employment, the higher the risk of heart disease or just any other major cause of death. So, if you were second from the top, you had worse health than if you were at the top; if you were the third from the top, you had worse health than if you were in second from the top. Besides, Sir Michael Marmot has also found that the death rates and illness correlated to status, even after he controlled for unhealthy habits. For an example, if a poor person…show more content…
Education offers a way to move up the wealth gradient, it connect to the type of job and optimism about future. To make it worse, even if an individual have a high education, but that individual is an African American, that person is said to have worse health than his or her white counterpart. This is called racism impact, which states that African American die earlier and has higher rates of many chronic diseases than whites across the social gradient. This is because, racial discrimination can be added to stressor, linked with high blood pressure, increased rate of infant death and other major cause of death. Adewale Troutman said in this documentary, “I’m highly educated. I have a medical degree. I have several other degrees. I make good money. I live in a good neighborhood. But I know that according to research, if you’re an African American, no matter what your social status, your socioeconomic status, your health are going to be worse than your white

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