Stereotypes In Disney Movies

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Mia led this week’s presentation and did a very good job. She focused on the main concept of deep-rooted gender and racial stereotypes in society. One path that she took to talk about this was by showing a video and encouraging a discussion about Disney films, and the gender stereotypes in the movies, such as Hercules’ need for larger muscles to be more of man. I believe that was very important because it made the discussions relatable as Disney was an important party of our generation growing up, and it is starting to have more of an impact on new generations with movies such as Frozen. Mia took us though the questions, and did a good job using her own experiences, such as volunteering for a grade 2 class, to encourage further critical thinking and relating the ideas to the real word. This specific relation was that students in the grade 2…show more content…
I still to this day love Disney, and although I had knowledge of the stereotypes in the movies, the way the discussions went brought up many memories of school, and the lack of conversations we had on stereotypes. There was little done in my school growing up to talk about these kinds of things, but this, we decided in the group, was because we were not exposed to popular culture as much as students are today. Growing up, cell phones were just coming out and computers still had awful dial up. It also brought up memories of listening to “The Bad Touch” by the Bloodhound Gang, and having no idea what I meant. My thinking has changed, because now, after the discussions that Mia lead, I think using that kind of misunderstanding, would be a good learning tool. Growing up, we were not really taught to think critically until late high school or university, so I think bringing popular culture in the classroom, to show stereotypes in Disney for example, is a good way to get students to think critically of the world around

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