Stereotypes In Disney Movies

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From dazzling dresses, to happy ever afters, the Walt Disney corporation has little girls around the world choosing princess as their future occupation. What the fairy godmothers left to mention, is that the gender roles and stereotypes depicted in these motion pictures are the poison apples girls are being fed. It’s time that we gaze behind the twirling creatures and the enchanted forests, to realize that the princesses shown are not the greatest role models for little girls. The Disney fairy tales involve a repetitive story line: usually the princess is being emotionally abused by the evil stepmother, then a prince comes along and saves the day, and everything ends with the classic happy ever after. Children watching at home get inspired by these stories and believe in the notion that true happiness is being dependent on a man, physical appearance, and being a nurturing provider.…show more content…
The role of the prince is to take care of the sensitive princess and be a masculine figure who saves the day. This argument correlates to the egg and sperm debate. Martin (1991: 490) brings up the remark of Gerald Schatten and Helen Schatten and how they view the egg as a sleeping beauty figure who is patiently waiting to be awaken from a curse by the true loves kiss, the sperm. Ariel is saved by prince Eric, Aurora is rescued by prince Philip and the list goes on. One raises the question; why aren’t princesses the one taking charge of their own destiny and saving men. Furthermore, girls watching start to believe that they don’t have to be the saviours because they are not strong enough to be one, or maybe, they believe that saving is a man’s job not a woman’s. Children should not be presented with situations where the women are being portrayed as weak, vulnerable and submissive. These stereotypical attributes can have strong influence on children and not in a good

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