Stereotypes In Disney Movies

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It seems that everywhere you look in today's media you will find a Disney princess. You can find them on little girl’s pajamas, nails, clothes, toys, backpacks, basically anything that can be branded, you can find a Disney princess on it. Princesses have been around in stories for a long time and are continuously changing. Disney has taken over the princess theme by producing enticing images of beautiful princesses with big eyes, small waist, and perfect hair in the line of Disney princess movies for girls to awe over. The images portrayed in these movies that little girls idolize so much are shaping the self-images of young girls. The more these movies are watched by young girls, the more these messages and images are becoming the societal…show more content…
This movie breaks a lot of the stereotypes that have appeared in the past. They are both princesses whose parents die in a tragic accident. When the town realizes that Elsa has the power to freeze things, she flees to the mountains. It is not a prince who goes to find Else, it is her younger sister. During this time, the sisters are fighting because Anna asked to marry a man she just met and Elsa is telling her that it is absurd to marry a man you just met. This new message strays away from the early Disney films which give the message to young girls that marry the first man you meet that day in order to be happy. Another great step in the right direction for Disney. Anna does meet another man, but the man does much fewer rescuing than she does. Again, this is portraying that girls can still be a princess while taking on roles of power. In the end, the only way Anna can be saved is by an act of true love, which ends up being the love of her sister. An article from "The Daily Beast" written by Melissa Leon about how Frozen strays away from past negative gender roles, writes "for a Disney heroine, finding empowerment in her own feminine physicality, for herself and not the prince, is revolutionary” (Leon). Leon continues with "... Frozen is a transitional step from movies like the nightmarishly retrograde Little Mermaid, to films that won’t need to explicitly tell little girls that true love doesn’t’t have to involve marrying a prince or being rescued” (Leon). Over time, Disney is sending more positive gender role depictions with the new princesses and this will lead to more positive shaping of young girls minds when it comes to the roles they will play as they

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