Representation Of Women In Disney Movies

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Since the release of the first Disney Princess movie, there always have been debates about the Disney’s display of woman through these movies. There have been a lot of debates among feminists that films were representing women as “passive damsels” (10). Until the release of “Frozen” the stereotype of Disney Princess was stuck in young girls’ minds as “pretty girl who were under the power of villain and in need to be rescued by men”. However, the “Frozen” broke all of these stereotypes by representing two young sibling princesses that were more mature, independent and even brave to sacrify their lives for each other. Nowadays, the issue with strong female characters demonstrated in Frozen has gained significance among the feminists. First difference that is observed after watching the Frozen is that Disney demonstrates two independent women who “don’t need a man”(video) to change their lives. At the end of the film sisters are rescued by their love for each other instead of the “prince charming’s” defeating the villain. In “Frozen” audience witnesses no sign of depending on man which is interpreted as the independence and strength of a modern day woman. Going back to the old Disney princess movies it can be seen that the princesses were always been the reflectors of the woman of all time. There seemed great alterations in the woman image in Disney’s representation of a woman as the “traditional roles have changed and women have developed to become more modern, cleaver, strong and brave”(5). As every independent educated woman, nowadays, is able to involve in political studies and can rule the…show more content…
Dani Colman, a feminist blogger becomes famous amoung feminists after writing an article “The problem with false feminism (or why “Frozen” left me cold)” in which she critizes Frozen as a bad example of feminist movie. Here she claims that Elsa

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