What Makes The Stereotype In The Movie Aladdin

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The 1992 movie Aladdin made by Disney was from what I remember a big hit when it came out in theatres and even broke records for Disney movies. Aladdin was part of the Disney Renaissance era. During this time Disney was making a comeback in the animated movie industry. After successes of The Little Mermaid, The Rescuers Down Under, and Beauty and the Beast; Aladdin continued the success of the Disney Renaissance. In the movie you meet Aladdin who is a peasant in a Middle Eastern country, who has to steal food to survive. When you meet Aladdin he is running from the Sultan’s guards for stealing a loaf of bread. He escapes being caught but gives the loaf of bread to two starving children that he encounters. You also meet Jafar, who is…show more content…
She is oblivious to life outside of the walls of the palace, which is a gender stereotype one could argue that Disney is trying to make by making Jasmine seem oblivious she fits the stereotype that women are oblivious to the real world outside of their home. When Jasmine takes an apple from a vendor to give to a child that was starving the merchant gets upset and yells out thief and grabs Jasmine’s arm and attempts to cut off her hand. The merchant could argue is a person of a Jewish background and that they are hell-bent on making money that anyone trying to steal from them, starving or not, they will seek justice. I would also like to point out that in places like Riyadh, Saudi Arabia that by law you can have your hand cut off for committing a crime. The merchants also fit the stereotypical Middle Eastern marketplace, in that there is people breathing fire, or the swallowing of a sword. Having been to these types of markets, however, this does happen at these markets. Aladdin comes to the rescue of Jasmine by swooping in a grabbing her away from the angry merchant, fitting the gender stereotype that women need to be saved by

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