Stereotypes In Disney Movies

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Disney’s Journey Through Stereotypes Many female stereotypes and tropes found in media view females as weak, helpless, and dependent on males, but as new generations and customs grow, many pieces of media have begun to challenge those stereotypes. As people began to realize that the old ways and thoughts were receding, media producers and companies began to adapt in a way that made females look strong and independent. One of the more evident gender role changes found in media would be in Disney movies. From Snow White and the Seven Dwarves to Brave, the concept of Disney movies has changed drastically. Past Disney movies illustrated bad stereotypes and role models to little girls, making them think that their life goal is to find their…show more content…
Even as time passed, Tiana holds on to her dream, despite the loss of her father. Tiana spends most of her time working two jobs and saving for her restaurant, and she spends very little time with her friends. She is very independent and hard-working and will do anything to pursue her dream of owning a restaurant. Due to her cooking skills, she then is offered a large amount of money to cater a party for her friend Charlotte, who is hoping to win over her prince. The money Tiana will earn is just enough to purchase her restaurant. Tiana shows the place to her mother, but her mother worries that Tiana doesn’t have enough time for herself. Later at the party, Tiana finds out that someone has made a better offer for the place, and that the realtors are planning to deny her the property if she does not come up with the extra money. She is so upset, she accidentally ruins her outfit. Her friend Charlotte saw that her friend needed help, and she gave her a blue dress with a tiara. After she has changed, she sees a frog sitting near her, and she asks if it wants a kiss, and to her surprise, the frog answers back and says yes. The frog is Prince Naveen, and he says that he is very wealthy despite being broke and also says that he can reward Tiana in some way. Tiana thinks about her restaurant, and…show more content…
My closest friends view me as a brave and wild individual, always willing to try new things. Merida from Brave is also viewed this way. I view myself as brave and wild, and, like Merida, I’m not really looking to get married or even be in a relationship anytime soon. When I go hiking with my friends, I always like to jump around, stand on the edge of cliffs, and be adventurous. On Tuesday, September 22, I and two of my friends went to Altitude, which is the trampoline park in Little Rock. This was my first time going to a trampoline park, so I went crazy. I was doing flips into the foam cube pit, jumping as high as I possibly could, running everywhere, and trying new things. My friends were saying that they wished they were more like me, brave, not thinking about things and just doing them, which in this situation it was a good thing. I also don’t like wearing makeup or dresses, unless it is a special occasion. I am not afraid to go all out crazy and I like to try new things whenever I can, such as going to the trampoline park and hiking in crazy

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