Sanders And Rivers Case Study

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1. Summarize the findings of Sanders and Rivers. Sanders and Rivers found that if students has three consecutive years in a class with a highly effective teachers in math, they scored significantly higher on achievement test. They also discovered that low achieving students greatly benefitted from good teaching. However, they also found that the opposite was true, if the students had lower effective teachers, their score dropped drastically. Sanders and Rivers also concluded that good teaching in the later grades could help to improve scores. They also summarized that these gains were cumulative and residual. (Hoy, 2013) 2. What are some good teaching qualities of Robert Moses? Substantiate your response Robert Moses was planning for clarity before his student began the concept in unfamiliar language by providing concrete examples, which helps the low achieving as well as the more advances students. Teaching concepts of numbers through the familiar physical event of a subway ride his students used in daily life. Relating positive and negative numbers to the inbound and outbound stops and directions of the…show more content…
It is limited to lower-level objectives; it is based on traditional teaching methods; it ignores innovative models; it discourages students’ independent thinking; it may also cause the students to take a passive approach to learning instead of actively seeking to learn. (Hoy, 2013) 6. What are the 3 characteristics of effective teachers? 7. Complete the following phrase (as per the textbook) “…planning influences…” “… what students will learn because planning transforms the available time and curriculum materials into activities, assignments, and tasks for students.” (Hoy, 2013, pg. 198) 8. In your professional opinion, what is a good teacher? 9. What are Rosenshine and Stevens’ six teaching

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