Program Evaluation Essay

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Program evaluation is an internal process for which the nursing programs continually assesses their programs and courses making improvement or changes as indicated. This internal evaluation provides the institution with a valuable tool for reporting data during an onsite evaluation for accreditation. The CCNE provides resources to institutions assisting in preparation for evaluation for accreditation such as guidelines, template and FAQ’s for preparing a continuous improvement progress report (CCNE Accreditation, 2015). Accreditation is an external review process from an institution such as the CCNE certifying that institution meets their criteria. Without the program evaluation in place it would be very difficult for an institution to be successful…show more content…
Faculty must be the drivers of course or program assessment in several ways such as: leadership roles, committee members, responsible for analyzing data and many other roles (Banta & Palomba, 2015). There are several sources available to faculty to accomplish tasks assigned to their roles: written materials (paper and web-based, conferences, campus gatherings and institutional support. The AACN and ACEN both provide faculty with manuals clearly outlining expected standards and outcomes for graduates of BSN programs (Accreditation manual, 2013 & Essentials of Baccalaureate Nursing for Professional Nursing Practice, 2009). Many of these sources also allow for networking; providing access to other faculty who may provide or need assistance. Sharing tasks and involving faculty members in all steps of the assessment will be crucial to faculty acceptance. Faculty acceptance can be enhanced through use of teamwork, local instruments utilized, maximize role of faculty, administrator attitude should reflect positively, be concise and clearly define terminology and ensure faculty development is not viewed as a one-time event but an ongoing process (Banta & Palomba,
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