The Morphster: A Short Story

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The monster in my life is a spider. There is one specific spider that I consider a monster. He follows me around and does not stop because he likes to scare and harass me. I have tried many different tactics to get rid of him, such as, moving to a different house and even moving to a different state. It did not work because he is so set on scaring, capturing, and killing me. This is when I knew it was best for me to call The Morphster and have him defeat the spider because he will not leave me alone. I am hoping that The Morphster can defeat the spider because if he can’t, he will be more mad and come after me even harder than he already is. One day while I was out driving around, I saw a huge spider in the field beside the road. I thought it was a decoration of some sort so I stopped to check it out. Out of nowhere, he turned around and looked at me dead in the eyes. That is when I knew I needed to get out of there and leave. So I did and he slowly followed me to the gas station I was going to, to get fuel. I realized he was right behind the gas station after I was done pumping my fuel. I then jumped into my car, sped off as fast I could, and went home. I thought I lost him because I couldn't see him in my rear view mirror, but he was actually on…show more content…
But, the difficult part of finding him is that I have no idea where he is or what he is. I used my resources and figured out where he lived and contacted him by calling him. I told him my story and the monster I am dealing with right now, and he said he will try and get to it because he has a lot of missions to go on. But, this one was close to where he lives so it will be an easy task. The Morphster flew to my house to talk about where this spider is. I told him that it is coming because I just moved back here. The Morphster then waited for the spider to come, but did not know when. All of a sudden the spider pops up over the

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