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In a dog’s eyes there is a display of a soul. Dogs who are mistreated perhaps have the most forgiving, loving and gentle souls. Bringing a dog home from a shelter is something that in the end, provides the most gratitude compared to going to a store to pick out a breed puppy. The personalities of the adopted dogs are the most distinct, they know what it is like to be treated unfairly. Compare an adopted dog to one of those stories read in english class, the story that makes us want to fall asleep at the beginning and it angers us, because we feel as though it is a waste of time and effort, like how it would have been easier to purchase a dog straight from the breeder. But when we go to class the next day and the meaning is explained, we can finally see the meaning behind it. Showing how we would see there is more to an adopted animal’s story than one would think and that an adopted dog will have a lasting impact on a life. Judge the three types of adoptable dogs by their reactions, habits, and body languages; this will hopefully shed light on the grand…show more content…
Sammy is a dog that will rarely bark at all. His tail does all his talking for him. His tail wags with such ferociousness that it could produce enough wind to kick start a tornado. He keeps careful guard of his house and will always watch his front door awaiting a visitor, and ready to protect his family if there is an unwanted visitor. When people walk by the house in the neighborhood Sammy will run with them along the fence. He loves to go on walks and explore. He could be a professional hiker in a different life. He loves treats and will obey any orders given to receive them from his beloved owners. He is very gentle, he almost never jumps to get attention or to ask for a treat. He always has all four planted in the ground and waits for you, because his patience levels are off the charts. Simple Sammy is the perfect dog for a quiet, protective, adventurous, calm , caring

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