The Five Stages Of The Consumer Decision Making (CDM) Model

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Name the 5 stages of the Consumer Decision Making (CDM) model and describe what is meant by each term (1 sentence each max): Problem Acknowledgement: Consumers perceive a problem as a need or a want. Information seeking: Consumers scan for data that is useful for settling on a suitable choice. Assessment of Alternatives: Gathering all the data scanned of the alternatives and selecting the one that is most suitable to the consumer. Buying: The buying decision is a result of data gathered and after evaluating of alternatives. After- Buying Evaluation: The key variables in figuring out if the shopper with repeat such a purchase. (Brand Loyalty) Where can I find this model (provide a FULL reference) Solomon, M. R. (2015). Consumer Behavior -…show more content…
Buying a Television - Information search may include reading consumer reports and talking to friends Problem Acknowledgement: Understanding the requirement for a new pair of jeans to supplant a pair of torn jeans. Information Seeking: Scanning all the data needed from the brands to its features and its costing of the camera he/she is willing to buy. Assessment of Alternatives: Gathering the advantages and disadvantages of the evaluated alternatives from the most recent laptop he prefers on the basis of RAM, storage, graphics and processors. Buying: Making the decision and buying a jacket from Marks&Spencer. After- Buying Evaluation: Looking at how well a Land Cruiser performs in the desert. Now for each stage, give examples of where this stage may be less important - e.g. Buying groceries – Info search limited and consumers often display habitual and/or brand loyal behaviour Problem Acknowledgment: Buying a MacBook for status rather than just a normal laptop that has comparative features. Information Seeking: Buying a can of yogurt because of frequent conduct which does not need any information…show more content…
Affective Perspective: are rash buyers. A few buyers buy an item to just build their pleasurable experiences and try to be away from obnoxious ones. They buy items for accomplishing their sentiments, or to have fun with little or no efforts. Behavioral Perspective: should take actions according to the set rules. In any case, it is not crucial to be following these guidelines under natural circumstances. Name one issue/reason* that might ENCOURAGE the purchase of perfume by: Woman for a man: A wife wants to gift her husband a perfume on his birthday. Man for a woman: A man wants to gift a perfume to his fiancée on Valentines Day Name one issue/reason* that might PREVENT the purchase of perfume by: A woman for a man: The woman can’t think think of what his man would want. (Information Seeking) A man for a woman: The man would not think the woman needs a perfumes as she has a few others already. (After-buying Evaluation) * you can include more examples if you’re feeling

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