Accountability Bridge Model

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Describe each step of the Accountability Bridge Model process. In order for school counseling programs to show their effectiveness they need to evaluate their program. One way to evaluate a school counseling program is to use the accountability bridge counseling program evaluation model, which provides the framework for school counselors to plan and provide services, and assess the school counseling program’s productiveness and impact on the students (Astamovich & Coker, 2007). First, this model contains two continuous cycles that represent continuos improvement based on stakeholder feedback, student needs, and outcomes (Astamovich & Coker, 2007). One cycle, the counseling program evaluation cycle, focuses on providing counseling services…show more content…
Program implementation consists of providing the services that have been planned, while program monitoring and refinement allows the counselor to make adjustments to the services that are being provided based on beginning feedback (Astamovich & Coker, 2007). The outcome assessment piece is used to determine if the objectives were met by collecting and analyzing final data. The two cycles are linked by the accountability bridge, during which results are shared with stakeholders (Astamovich & Coker, 2007). The other cycle, the counseling context evaluation cycle, focuses on the impact of counseling services on stakeholders and uses their feedback, along with the needs assessment results, to create and improve the school counseling program goals (Astamovich & Coker, 2007). After communicating results, the steps in this cycle include feedback from stakeholders, strategic planning, needs assessment, and service objectives (Astamovich & Coker, 2007). Feedback from stakeholders can provide important information about the need for new goals or changes to services (Astamovich & Coker, 2007). Next, in the strategic planning step, the counselor and others, such as an administrator, look at the counseling services, programs, and

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