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Explain the principles and purpose of job analysis. Job Analysis: It’s a systematic process, involving information gathering, studying the activities and documenting the findings related to a Job. Thereafter based on the findings, defining the Duties & Responsibilities as part of Job Description and Characteristics / specifications and accountabilities of the desired candidate as part of the Job Specification. Job Analysis is an ongoing process in large technology driven organizations. It becomes one of key corporate function to define the continuously evolving deliverables in a competitive world, to ensure that the organization attracts the latest and highest quality talent pool. This can be achieved only if the Job descriptions along…show more content…
• Preparing the Job Description. • Preparing the Job Specification • Encoding the Job against a Position or Job code. • Continuous periodic review and updating. One of the key outcomes of Job Analysis is the Job Description. Job Description is a detailed and descriptive statement resulting from the various activities carried out in doing the Job Analysis. A Job Description which can bring out clearly what the Job entails, the roles and responsibilities, deliverables enables attracting the right candidate, supervisors will be very clear of what they can expect from the employee and a team member development of appropriate and balanced KPI’s for employee performance assessment etc., The main purpose doing Job Analysis hence is to prepare good job Description and Job Specification which intern helps to attract the most desired talent and the candidates upon recruitment are well aware of the actual deliverables, also the supervisors know what to expect and also the same forms the basis for performance evaluation, training, classification of employees and also benchmarking of salaries and performance incentives Compare and contrast 3 different methods of job…show more content…
Production Supervisor – Job Analysis. At the end of a 10 day long study and detailed analysis of the role of Production Supervisor, the findings are as follows. If we put it together it becomes a Job Description. Based on Observation 1. Production Supervisor is responsible for the production of the target number of Cement Blocks per month. 2. Production cycle starts from unloading the cement from Bulker to Cement Silos at the plant and ends with the storing the cured and packed bundles of Cement Blocks in the warehouse. Production Supervisor is responsible for the end to end production life cycle of Cement Blocks and meets management targets set and revised from time to time. Based on Interview 1. Production Supervisor should effectively manage the various teams and proper working instructions should be provided to the team leads to ensure smooth production. 2. The Production Supervisor reports to the Divisional Manager 3. The role entails good leadership requirements, for dispute resolution between workmen as and when it arises, and also to ensure that the workmen get their entitlements

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