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Statement of Purpose Name: Himal Gyawali Program Applied To: MS in Civil Engineering (Structural Engineering) I have seen my friend’s house demolished to rumbles, I have seen people distraught and dejected, losing their loved ones and I don’t blame Earthquake for it. Earthquake was inevitable but what wasn’t was our preparations and one of them not having structurally safe houses. Shameful to say, but even I didn’t feel safe in my own house and like every ordinary citizens, I spent several night on ground. I couldn’t make a difference then but now I am given the opportunity. My act can make a small contribution on any construction, but to give a greater contribution and enhance the strength of any structures I need to be competent enough .Studying…show more content…
I always found the structural engineering subject very interesting and accordingly I chose Structural engineering and earthquake engineering as my elective subjects during seventh and eighth semester of my study. In my final year project, I got an opportunity to do project on “Seismic Analysis and Structural Design of High Rise RCC Framed Building” which further motivated me towards structural engineering. I was exposed to prevalent construction methods and management and the use of various equipment. This project made me familiar with the use of various civil engineering software like E-tab, Sap, and AutoCAD .This project gave me general idea of static and dynamic loadings and structures to resist them which has firmed up my resolve to do graduate studies in structural…show more content…
This has helped me enhance my teaching abilities and I can assure that if I am given the opportunity in your university I will prove my worth to you. I am currently working as a civil engineer in Aastha Network Pvt Ltd and this has helped me in understanding of project planning, management and implementation and improved my proposal and report writing ability. I have been to Sindulpalchowk one of most earthquake destructed district of Nepal for installation of earthquake relief houses as a volunteer. Seeing the extent of devastation on those areas my motivation and desire for Structural engineering grew and I know I will capitalize every opportunity given to me and give the best outcome, towards this subject and my

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