The Importance Of Architecture

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Architecture is the art and science of design, planning and construction of buildings and facilities to cover the human needs of their material or moral, using different materials and methods of construction. And it expands the field of architecture to include aspects of different fields of knowledge and humanities, such as mathematics, science and technology, history, psychology, politics and social philosophy, culture, art and science as comprehensive. Building term may mean the following: A general term to describe the physical buildings and facilities . Art and science of designing buildings. Design style and method of construction of buildings and facilities. Architectural design activity, both at the macro level (urban design, and urban…show more content…
this statement informed us how architecture affects our daily life and how it is affected by our environment and thoughts . architecture is not only the building where you live , work or visit it is the story behind it . when we see a building we asked ourself some questions what is this building , when it built and why they built . it has been said that “ architecture is the mother of all arts “ years ago . But why they said that ? ! We can classifiy the arts into three different kinds ( Technique arts , Phonetic arts , aesthetic arts ) and as known that the main three higher values ( Goodness , truth , beauty ) . First , Technique arts is the kind which utility only is important . so we look at a thing considering its goodness and usefulness . therefore this kind is satisfied the value of goodness . secondly , if we look at a thing in a speculatively thoughtful way , which is different from appreciation utility . the scientific happiness derived from “ truth “ will be the result of arts . Such arts are called “Phonetic Arts”. The third way of looking at a thing is not from point of view of goodness, truth but at its appearance, shape and colour. What it looks like is more important than what it is! Here we search for beauty in a thing rather than its practical utility. Such arts, which involve beauty…show more content…
I think it is more deeper than these kinds of the meaningless points of view . the architecture is a kind of musical symphony can be heard not by ears only but by all your body , your movments and sittings and by your daily detals . architecture is a piece of poetry say in parallel with frozen music . may the form of architecture is different from the form of some arts as poetry as it is based on building construction while the poetry based on prose . but somehow architecture is a kind of poet as it changes the prose to meters , designe and harmony between building items . also in music there is a musical note made by arranged sounds in a systematic harmonic way to arouse beautiful and enjoyment . By similar , in the architecture the building changes into a note and the building elemnts arranged systematically and aesthetically as to serve a functional , spiritual and emotional purpose . In words of Goethe “architecture is ‘poetry of construction’ and frozen

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