Cause And Effect Essay About Hurricanes

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Hurricanes are dangerous, undoubtedly, but they’re also a natural occurrence which means that humans can’t control when hurricanes come around or what kind of force they bring along the way. These natural disasters can generate tons of questions from locals concerned about safety, weather centers being tested on the accuracy of their forecasts, and the strength of the country when it comes to dealing with the inevitable bad weather. Natural disasters affect the entire world, but hurricanes are the prominent issue in the Atlantic region. Get batteries and flashlights, canned goods and imperishable food supplies, and lots of clean water; we all know the drill here in the Bahamas. At the mention of a hurricane developing over the ocean, locals…show more content…
When preparing for the onslaught of natural disasters, there is no such thing as overreacting; sometimes a little precaution can go a long way. At times, it may seem absurd for people to have to wait in long lines to purchase batteries and drinking water, and to evacuate their homes and leave all their belongings behind, however, with impending danger those are reasonable insurances for saving lives. Since hurricanes are natural occurrences, they can be unpredictable, for example, a day before Hurricane Matthew was proposed to pass over Nassau, it was said to be a category four by the time it came, bringing fifteen-foot storm surges, but it ended up being a category three when it hit, and the effects were detrimental but it wasn’t as dreadful as the predicted category four torrential downpour that the country probably wouldn’t have could sustain. The unpredictability of major storms like such gives reason to take drastic precautions, because I do believe in the statement, “Expect the unexpected,” when it comes to

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