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BIOLOGY COURSEWORK DONE BY JAYABHUVANESHWARI.B of CLASS IX. Aim: To conduct a qualitative test for starch and fats in potato and oil. Theory: Starch - Starch is long chains of sugar molecules linked together like a chain. A single sugar molecule is a monosaccharide. Many sugar molecules linked together is a polysaccharide. Starch, therefore, is a polysaccharide. Specifically, starch is composed of the sugar glucose. Plants use glucose to produce energy, but they're not always making glucose, just as we're constantly eating to get our energy. Much like we store up energy reserves after eating, so do plants. Plants store extra glucose in the form of starch for use when they aren't photosynthesizing (a plant's equivalent to eating). Glucose is a sugar molecule made up of carbon (C), hydrogen (H), and oxygen (O) with a…show more content…
b) Put the pieces into a beaker using a spatula. c) Drop some Iodine on the pieces using a dropper. d) Observe the color change on the potato. If the color changes to Blue- Black color, then the presence of Starch is confirmed. Record the same in a table. Method/Procedure :- (For test for fats) a) Take a test tube and add some butter. b) Add some Ethanol in the same Test tube containing butter. c) Shake well. d) If there is a color change to milky white, then the presence of Fats are confirmed. Record the same in the table. Observation :- (For test for starch) We can see that the shade of potato has turned from normal to Blue – black. Observation :- ( For test of Fats) We can see the milky white color change in butter. Result: (For test for starch). Therefore we can say that starch is present in potato. Result: (For test of Fats): Therefore we can say that fats are present in

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