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EFFECT OF TEMPERATURE ON GERMINATION LAB REPORT By : Ayşe Sağlam 10-A 07. December. 2015 Introduction: Germination is the process of the plant developing from the seed. There are several factors, which affect the germination rate and speed. These factors include light, temperature, oxygen and water. If the condition the seed is in is not suitable for germination, (such as lack of water or very low or high temperatures) the seed will remain inactive. If the conditions are suitable for growth, the embryo will grow and develop roots and a first shoot. Research question: How does the temperature of an environment affect the germination rate of a green bean seed? Research: Seed: A seed is what plants use…show more content…
If the seed has enough water and oxygen and is in the suitable temperature the seed will start to germinate. This is the process of the seed developing into another plant. A process called imbibition occurs when the seed fills with water. The water in the seeds reacts with the enzymes to trigger seed growth. The seed will firstly grow a root to get to the water underground. Then it will send a shoot towards the…show more content…
The bean on the radiator got very dark and stated to smell very bad. The one in the room temperature got bigger in size and was very healthy. The on in the refrigerator was not as big as the one in the room temperature but was still healthy. On the 5th day I noticed a sudden growth. The room temperature bean da grown a shoot 0.5 cm the one on the radiator had not grown at all but got very hard. The one in the refrigerator had also grown a small shoot with as size of about 0.3 cm. at the end of day 7 the shoot on the bean in the room temperature has reached 1.3 cm, which is amazing. The one in the refrigerator had reached the size of 0.8 cm. not as long as the one in the room temperature but it still grew. At the end of the experiment the one on the radiator had not grown but shrunk. I am assuming it

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