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Effect of different temperatures on amylase activity. Literature review This study is an attempt to follow the activity of amylase because it has a major role in the life of living organisms and is found abundantly in them. Amylase is a catalytic enzyme which hydrolyzes starch into maltose and dextrin at a certain temperature (, 2015). In plants such as fruits and vegetables carbohydrates are referred to starch which is polysaccharide and is converted into disaccharide and eventually into monosaccharide such as glucose with the help of amylase. (Fullick, Locke and Bircher, n.d.). If carbohydrates are not digested properly they may lead to adverse health consequences. Amylase is not only involved in the digestion of carbohydrate…show more content…
They provided valid results to explain the activity of amylase at the different temperature. Their data concluded that the rate of amylase activity increased with the increase of temperature because higher the temperature, more kinetic energy is given to the amylase and hence more collision and increased its catalytic function. These results provide possible applications to the food and detergent industries where optimum temperature and pH are…show more content…
This hypothesis can be described through the lock and key model, in which every enzyme has its own specific active site which is made for a certain substrate to fit in it. The active site of the enzyme act as a lock and the substrate act as a key. With the increase of the temperature to the enzyme-substrate complex, the rate of reaction increased, it is due to the increase in the kinetic energy of the molecules hence substrate molecules get more and more energy to reach into the active site of the enzyme to fit in it. However, if the temperature is too high enzyme will denature. Denaturation is the loss of the biological properties of the enzyme by changing protein structure which alters the three-dimensional shape of the active site. As the temperature rises the available amount of active site for the substrate decreases thus the rate of reaction slow down. So, there should be an optimum temperature for each enzyme to work

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