The Importance Of Environmental Ethics

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The “How’’ of Environmental Ethics Environmental Ethics in theory address us about the appropriate concerns for values, morals, and duties of everyone living on this planet towards the natural world and environment .Now, the prime concern is How to incorporate those Environmental Ethics ? How to approach Environmental Ethics in our practice ? How to consider Environmental Ethics to solve environmental issues ? How Humans and Non humans are helped or hurt by condition of their environment ?.Therefore, these questions regarding How of Environmental Ethics have a very considerable role in coming to a conclusion of answers towards the environmental problems.  Uncertainty and Prophecy Prophecy and uncertainty are two very important terms in reasoning…show more content…
For example – some people grant intrinsic values to plants and animals because these believe that these are created by God. These are belonging naturally .Whereas, Some people recognize intrinsic values to plants and animals because they believe that plants and animals are the essential part of our ecosystem and our actions can possibly harm them. Intrinsic value of Environmental Ethics tell us to protect and conserve even the non-human entities of our ecosystem. Environmental Ethics demonstrate to us the Absolute values of nature . Many people think that human life has an absolute value and there can never be any justification to hurt the innocent human lives in anyways what so ever .So, Environmental Ethics constraints us to think in this manner towards the natural world also. Environmental Ethics tell us that environment also has an Absolute value , it is also as innocent as human beings are and if human beings should not be harmed in any ways then the nature also has the right not to be harmed in any circumstances…show more content…
But, it is not true .Empirical means to be based on or verifiable by observation or experience rather than theory or just logic .Whereas ,Ethical relates to moral principles concerned with right and wrong. When we apply this terminology to Environmental Ethics , we must know that Ethical is about how we ought to live , we indicate our moral duty and correctness. But, Empirical is more close to reality i.e. it is how in fact we do live. In most of the environmental problems, many people make claims on different ideologies and believe it to be true whether or not evidence support it .But ,they forget that claim is just fact, which may or may not be correct .To make that claim an ethical argument , it must be supported by collecting scientific data and determining the most important scientific conclusions .For example- we would say Global warming is causing extreme weather conditions in our ecological system . Actions should be taken to reduce the increasing concentrations of greenhouse gases and other human activities . To add to this, it can be said it is in fact empirically proved by various observations that greenhouse gases and human activities are causing Global warming and it has serious effects to both humans and nature . We must protect people and Earth and we must make the ethical claim that actions should be taken to address the issue of Global

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