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CASE INCIDENT 2 – THE YOUNGEST BILLIONAIRE (Page 238) SUMMARY Welcome to Spanx, a slimming underwear company owned by one of the youngest self-made female billionaire in the world – Sara Blakely. Before Sara turned into a very successful entrepreneur, she already confronted a great deal of disappointments. She failed the LSAT test for admission to graduate school twice. She sold fax machines door to door for 7 years before she had the idea for Spanx. Not to forget, she was rejected by every manufacturing company she took her idea to. However, these circumstances does not break her spirit at all. SPANX was inspired by her own experience. On a hot summer day when she couldn't locate any appropriate underwear to wear under her white pants, she…show more content…
Causes of creative behaviour, 2. Creative behaviour and 3. Creative outcome. Causes of creative behaviour Creative potential: Sara was a lucrative child, finding ways to make her friends do her chores by turning it into a competition Creative environment: Has been listening to motivational recordings since younger age. Creative behaviour  Problem formulation: While working for an office supply company in Florida she became displeased with her pantyhose, saying it was too hot and uncomfortable to wear them.  Information gathering: She actually spent some time to make research on any pantyhose patents to ensure her idea was unique enough. She even learned how to write her own patent application by reading textbook in Barnes & Noble.  Idea generation:  Idea evaluation: Creative Outcomes Novelty: Extreme product demonstration tactics- personal demonstrations Usefulness: A product that any woman could use, and now even men! I learn to be more creative in future. “The biggest risk in life is not risking. Every risk you take in life is in direct proportion to the reward. If I’m afraid of something, it’s the next thing that I have to go do. That’s just the way I’ve…show more content…
Essentially, we want to open our minds to all new ideas even if they may not work. Edison had 999 ideas before he thought of the 1 that worked. In the second step, we act upon our ideas even if they fail. Blakely continued to try new things and new ways of accomplishing her goals. Having the attitude try once more idea, spend one more hour on a project, or start one more business was Blakely’s path to success. And the final step, reap the rewards of your action. In Blakely’s case, she now is living an entrepreneurs dream, doing something she loves, and accomplishing her goals. Simply put: be open to new ideas and opportunities, take action and persist through adversity, and create the outcomes which align with your

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