Emu Spring Festival Case Study Sample

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DIZZY EMU SPRING FESTIVAL University spring festival reminds us that spring season is coming and people welcome this amazing change of climate with too many activates which give students/participants positive energy which make people more relax, comfortable and healthy. There are too many communities of students and their stands, music, dances, exhibitions of art, theatres, concerts and foods in the festival. Eventually these sorts of things are the sources which give people sense of joy as they give students too. There is other advantage for students that spring festival supply energy before exams or after exams. I am going share my feelings as a student, participant and researcher and my experiences of during 21, 23, 24 may 2015 of emu…show more content…
Generally, data are collected from diversity of resources and by using a few different methods (for instance; observation and interview methods). I want to illustrate case study trough my experience of emu spring festival. Emu spring festival took place at emu stadium area and around it. It was held in four days .There were a lot of different activities; theatre, concerts (first day Duman, second day Anathema third day Sıla, fouth day Athena) all of concerts started at 10:00 p.m. to he mid-night. When we…show more content…
Briefly, naturalistic observation is to study participant’s behavior in natural settings, the researcher becomes a part of own work to get a deeper insight into their study. Participant observations can be either cover or overt. Covert is where the study is applied without aware of participants. The researcher hides his aims and identity from participants who are in the study. The researcher takes a different role and act like a member of the group s/he study On the other hand, overt is where the researcher does not hide his or her true aim and identity to the participants and also asks permission to observe. There are three recording of data which are event sampling; selecting the behaviors researcher interested in and ignoring all other behaviors, time sampling; observing only during specific time periods, Instantaneous sampling where in recording pre-selected moments in that instant period of the event. As an example of my study at emu spring festival; I observed that audiences were bored due to late start of the theatre so they used self-phone. I also observed that participants drank too much alcohol and too many fight were occurred during the concert of Duman. After the mid-night few groups of male participants started to molest girls. However, most of the audience had a great time. People who ate fast food spent more time on sitting compare the vegetarians Usually, Mexican foods were preferred by African,

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