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Comic strip Poster on Everyday Hazards Project Description Our project is a poster on everyday hazards. However, it is not just like any other posters. It’s a poster containing real-life situations on everyday hazards portrayed through a comic strip. Since we wanted to raise the awareness of children and youth about everyday hazards we made it in such a way that it is relatable and can be easily understood. Our poster presents four real-life situations about everyday hazards that are often and most likely to be encountered by our target group which are high school students. And these are: 1) the hazard of getting injuries such as sprains, bone-dislocation, bruises or any other related injuries one might get from running too fast and…show more content…
In conclusion, Guyot (2007) emphasized that there is a need to recognize children and youth as “experts in their own complex experience, valued partners in community healing, future leadership, and potential peace-builders” (p. 173) and to stop ignoring their rights to be freely express and be given due weight and consideration. The readers of this paper may also ask, why specifically the youth and why everyday hazards? Well, there are articles to explain why. Baguio City, as we all know is an urban area. A place with growing population due to variety of reasons, may it be because of job opportunities, education that one might get from universities in the city or being the Summer Capital of the Philippines that tourist sought it as a tourist spot mainly for recreation. As suggested by Bull-Kamanga et al (2003) disasters take place in urban areas that may result to many unfortunate events such as loss of life, serious injuries and probable loss of assets and livelihoods, and there are everyday hazards that when accumulated can result into
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