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O’Connor et al. (2008, p. 10) argues that the purpose of Social Work is “to improve people’s capacity to exercise power and control over their own lives and to build more equitable relationships between people and their social arrangements”. I agree with O’Connor’s theoretical purpose, however, I also believe the basis of Social Work is about mutual engagement. To me, engaging with individuals, communities and institutions to empower people to not be limited to the confines of their social arrangement is what is at the heart of Social Work and how the best client led outcomes can be achieved. Escudero and Friedlander (2017) describes engagement as essential to form an alliance with the client since active involvement is necessary for the client…show more content…
(2008) describes problem solving as the way in which we adapt to everyday living, and I found that when I implemented strategies that Lisa and I had problem solved together, I noticed a renewed confidence in myself and my ability to cope with my incessantly changing circumstances. I also found that by problem solving some of my issues and seeing the positive outcomes, I felt empowered to continue to confront some tensions in my social arrangements to have more equitable relationships in my life. Ultimately, I learned that I could change the course of my future, by making choices that better aligned with who I wanted to be in the world and the values I wanted to behold as a teenager and young adult, regardless of my experience or circumstances. As an adult, I have forged a successful career in Financial Planning, I’m raising a family and I’ve spent a decade volunteering with Make-A-Wish Australia - all of which may not have happened without the positive intervention of Social Work in my life at a young and impressionable age. This also indicates that my choice of libertarianism in my decision making was a way for me to escape the unhealthy cycle of poverty and abuse within my family. I have emerged from my traumatic childhood more self-aware, understanding and empathetic - all qualities I believe are essential in being an effective Social

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